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About us

The tradition of heavy mechanical engineering and aerospace industries.

Tribute Slovak inventor and native

Aurel Stodola

11. May 1859, Liptovsky Mikulas, SR – 25. December 1942, Zürich, Switzerland

Wikipedia: Aurel Stodola

It was significant Slovak physicist, engineer, founder of the theory of steam and gas turbines.

It focused on the area of the theory of automatic control of machinery, laid the scientific foundations of projection and construction of steam and combustion turbines. In cooperation with the surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch constructed in 1915 floating artificial hand, the principle of which were based on the prosthesis foot and leg.

The great achievements made in the field of steam turbines and its calculations and design laid the foundation for the sector of engineering. Aurel Stodola was Professor Albert Einstein.

It was the designer of the first heat pump in the world. Its heat pumps from 1928 still operates in Switzerland and Geneva City Hall heats the heat removal from the water of the lake (closed circuit).
Many of the world scientific societies and universities awarded him the highest honor and rank.

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Company profile and history

Our company was established in 2008. The location of O.K.S. Precision Machining, s.r.o. is Nord-West of Slovakia in Považské strojárne industrial zone with great tradition in light and heavy machine & aerospace industry since 1923.
The main focus of company is production and engineering of steam and gas turbine blades and turbine components.

During short action on the market the company successfully achieved the main objective and became one of the approved suppliers in supply chain management (SCM) of SIEMENS INDUSTRIAL TURBOMACHINERY, EKOL energo, DOOSAN SKODA (from Czech Republic), as well as others.
Our company structure creates potential for technological and production capacity grow based on customer requirements.

We have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 (in 12/2017 with validity till 12/2020), awarded ISO 45001:2018 (in 04/2019 with validity till 04/2022) and ISO 14001:2015 (in 12/2017 with validity till 12/2020).
The management have been awarded Certificate of Security Clearance and Company itself Facility Security Clearance of National Security Authority in 2015 in order to increase the level of security, credit and Quality Management System.

New achievement is to enter new markets of OEM customers from Europe and Services from Middle East and East Europe.
High-quality, flexibility and low operation cost are our main objectives.

Since 2011 we are an Exclusive Sale Distributor of Company KAYAKOCVIB (Turkey) the producer of surface finishing machines and technologies for territory of Central Europe.